Established in the 1998-99 season

The Suburban Aquatic League has established in this, its 30th season, a hall of fame to honor and remember those who have helped make and maintain the SAL, the best league of its kind in the country.


WALT HICINBOTHEM, CAROL JERNIGAN, MIKE KENNEDY, and PAT RYAN – League chairs at various stages of the league’s development who contributed their time, energy, diplomacy, and insightful guidance to this league’s formation and maturation.

ED COST and STEVE SAUER – What became the SAL took shape in Ed’s living room and Steve was one of the prime movers in setting up that meeting with Ed. The five teams at that meeting in the ‘68-’69 season became the SAL the following year.

ROGER WARD – The "officials’ official" has devoted many hours every season conducting clinics, advising clubs, and educating the league to keep officiating fair and correct for all of our swimmers.

MARK MCELWEE – Longtime coach who has served in various league positions (boys and girls president, coaches representative, division representative, and meet distribution coordinator) since the league was formed.

CENTENNIAL AQUATIC CLUB, LOWER MORELAND AQUATIC CLUB, METHACTON AQUATIC CLUB, UPPER DUBLIN AQUATIC CLUB, and SPRINGFIELD AQUATIC CLUB – These were the clubs whose leaders put their heads together to form the nucleus of our league 31 years ago.


LAURA HORVATH – Longtime boys division president whose straightforward opinions, diplomacy, and often fearless decision-making skills have helped to guide the league through the ‘90’s.

NORM and VALERIE SIMONS – Registrars from the early days of the league who defined the job. Meticulous record keepers, their work for the league was always the best they could do. For several years, this husband-wife team never settled for a task half done.

MIKE DUNN – No one has been registrar for a longer time. Mike is the "go to guy" for eligibility and record keeping. Mike never gets a call too early in the morning or too late at night when the good of the league is at stake. No one understands the nuances of the registrar’s job better than Mike.


PETE CRIPPEN – Pete has been behind the scenes at LaSalle, troubleshooting the championships and keeping everyone on their toes for "the big meet." He deserves much of the credit for pushing, prodding, and dragging us into the technology age, while generously offering his time and talent to clubs which needed computer help.  Thanks, Pete.

DOTTIE NOEDERER – Most of us have only dealt with the "top 40" for only a few years and computers have done the hard part of the job. Before technology and electronic timing, there was Dottie, keeping all the championship lists with a paper and pencil.

GARY HARDEL – Computer programs make record keeping so easy now. Years ago, Gary wrote a program that the SAL used for a decade to keep its times straight. All he ever got for his efforts was a "thank you." Through its Hall of Fame, the SAL makes that "thank you" permanent and remembers our pioneer computer guru.


JOHN BICKEL – John chaired the League for eight seasons in the ‘70’s, a time of rapid growth for the League which peaked at 22 clubs becoming the largest dual meet league of its kind in the country. Some of the pools now in use by SAL teams were built, in part, because John spoke out for their necessity. Unselfish, dedicated, and outspoken, this strong leader is now remembered by the SAL in its Hall of Fame.

SUE MOYER – When no one would step up to be the League secretary, Sue continued to attend meetings, keep minutes, and assist with communications even though she no longer had athletes competing. For her gracious acceptance of a thankless task and her fine example to others, the League honors Sue with membership in the Hall of Fame.

BARB YIENGST– The League Treasurer is unknown to most SAL members, but Barb’s job is essential. Another parent who has worked for years for four different chairmen even though her daughters are grown up, Barb enjoys her association with SAL. Barb, our dedicated and responsible keeper of the accounts, becomes a member of the Hall of Fame this season.

MIKE BROWN – In two years, Mike has had a colossal impact on SAL communications. Volunteering to be the first League webmaster has put Mike at the center of our universe. Thousands of parents, coaches, and athletes "hit" each season. All of that information is available through the donation of technological expertise and time from Dr. Michael Brown, Well done, Mike.


Mike Chain – Because Chairman Mike Chain thought outside the box several years ago, the SAL has been able to have its premier meet of the season at LaSalle University.  It was a great idea, Mike.  The League appreciates Mike’s brainstorm and salutes his foresight.

Len Redyoff – The SAL honors the ever-optimistic Chairman Len Redyoff for continuing to move us into the computer age and for having the courage to stand by some tough decisions and not cave in when the chips were down.  Len also arranged for the first ever SAL coaches clinic. 

Karen Palumbo – Every year Karen Palumbo works hard to give money away.  Many recipients of the SAL Senior Award owe their scholarship dollars to Karen’s dedication to recruiting candidates, assessing their qualifications, and making the decisions for deserving athletes.  For her loyal service to the SAL’s Senior Award department, the Hall of Fame recognizes Karen Palumbo.

Terry Peterson – A basic SAL tenet is the kind of sportsmanship exemplified by Coach Terry Peterson. Terry serves the League as the East Division representative demonstrating that coaches can and should be involved.  She also has been an example to all who need directions with League computer operations.  The Hall of Fame is proud to have Terry as a member.

LaSalle University – The SAL annually conducts one of the finest championship meets of any league in the country.  It would not be possible without a fine facility such as the KIRK POOL (named for the legendary Joe Kirk) in Hayman Hall.  The SAL is grateful for LaSalle’s cooperation and support over the years.  Welcome to our Hall of Fame.


Brian McMillin – Our outgoing chairman will be sorely missed.  He is another one of those people without a swimmer who has devoted his time and energy to running the League.  A man of very few words, Brian’s emails cut to the chase all the time and he will be remembered here as another SAL chairman unafraid to deal effectively with tough decisions.  Many of us will remember him for all the help he offered with computerizing the League. The Hall will make sure you will not be forgotten after you move on.  Thanks.

Jamie Forlini – Swimmer, parent, coach, League leader …  Jamie has worn all these hats during his long association with the SAL.  An early memory of his is swimming for CAC in his first SAL champs at Methacton in 1971.  The 8&U boy grew up, became a teacher and coach at CAC, and an SAL parent.  Moreover, he is involved with the League as scheduling chairman and doesn’t hesitate to offer good ideas at League meetings.  Jamie is an example of being all a person can and should be in the SAL.

Marj Hawley --  For many years Marj has been the SAL diving registrar who keeps track of all the divers’ scores during the season, makes sure their best scores are recorded and averaged, and monitors eligibility for meets and championships.  Marj is another SAL worker who does the job without a child in the League.  The League, and especially the divers, show appreciation for Marj’s efforts through her membership in the Hall.

Jim Davidson – Jim serves as the SAL diving president and, along with the diving registrar, is responsible for the proper conduct of diving.  His efforts also help keep diving an integral part of SAL competition.  Under Jim’s leadership, the League champs at LaSalle have become a top-of-the-line event where many of the best divers in this area showcase their talent.  During his 15 years of involvement, Division level diving has also been refined so that every SAL diver  has a championship suited to his/her talent level.  Good work, Jim.  

Bill Moser --  As a competitor in the SAL, Bill Moser didn’t talk his way to the top.  He worked hard and, with his talent, got the job done.  As an adult, Bill became an involved parent, offering his work ethic and talent as a registrar and scheduling chairman.  Bill, the coach, offered a coach’s insight to the events we swim in our meets and other aspects of SAL conduct.  He is another fine example of what this League can help produce:  swimmers who grow up and pass on their experience to their own children, the children they coach, and those of us who work with them to operate the SAL.

George PrestonIn the ‘70’s, Chairman Mike Kennedy’s right-hand man was George Preston.  As secretary-treasurer, he ran championship meets, helped with constitutional decisions and dedicated much of his life to getting SAL on its feet at a time when many new teams (including ABAC, his club) were joining the League. His experience with other swim leagues helped the young SAL grow into the healthy organization it is.  His induction recognizes George Preston, an SAL pioneer.

Al StrackA boys president, Al suggested an alternative to more cumbersome and less fair ways to run SAL championships.  It required tremendous amounts of record-keeping and sifting through times, but Al believed in it so strongly that he did that work without a computer.  Al is the father of our current top-18 system.  SAL honors Al Strack for his hard work and innovative thinking with membership in its Hall of Fame.


Marge Donohue – Marge is responsible for the Central Bucks Holiday Classic started over a decade ago.  This aquatics director actively supports her district team and has served SAL as a computer mentor and as East Division representative to the League.  She is another contributor without a swimmer in the League.  During her 20 year association with SAL, Marge has earned a reputation as being a good sport and a good example.  Welcome to the Hall, Marge!


Jim Dunlap – Very few of us know Jim on sight, but he puts all the psych sheets together and is the right hand man at the championship seeding meeting.  Jim would never seek recognition for all of his work on behalf of the League.  And, Jim, that is why you belong in our Hall of Fame.  Next time you’re grateful for how smoothly Champs run, remember Jim.

Kathy Garro – The League needed a representative for the West Division.  Kathy took that job.  The League needed a secretary to keep all the notes on our meetings.  Kathy took that job, too.  The League needed help judging the entries for the Senior Award scholarship program.  Kathy, one more time.  We appreciate all this Hall of Famer does.

John McGinley – If things don’t work the way John thinks they should, he doesn’t complain; he jumps in with both feet and fixes them.  John serves the League as Girls Division President, a key spot on the Rules and Protest Committee, and he is THE man who keeps the big meet at LaSalle on track.  SAL is glad to have him in the Hall of Fame.

Tom McManus -- Tom is another SAL man doing double duty.  He is the Boys Division President AND he minds the League’s purse strings as treasurer. Tom has good insight to offer as a member of the Rules and Protest committee, and those who get to know him appreciate his great sense of humor almost as much all the hard work he does. Thanks.

Andrew Jesaitis – SAL has been SO fortunate to have another superb webmaster.  Andrew’s stamp on the job is that he has become the internet spokesperson for the League.  Amazingly, Andrew does it all from hundreds of miles away in New York.  No kids in the League.  He doesn’t live here.  But he believes strongly in what this League is and does.  And Andrew is your friend, if you need him.  Recognition in the Hall of Fame is a small reward for this big guy with a big heart and sense of commitment.


Stu Kukla – For many years, well-known coach Stu has served SAL as the coaches representative on the Rules and Protest committee.  Not only has he been a personable friend to many of us and a skilled coach for hundreds and hundreds of swimmers, but he’s also been the person who gives the coach’s perspective to running SAL.  Thanks for your ideas and service, Stu, and congratulations!


Kay Kennedy  – Forty years ago, Kay, Mike’s wife, not only opened their home for the meetings that shaped SAL, but she also provided valuable perspective  when the officers needed the views of an “outsider.”  In this important  anniversary season, it is proper to recognize Kay for her dedication and selflessness that helped lay the foundations of our League.  Thanks, Kay!!!


Paul Mancini - A guiding force at SAC for many years, Paul was known as a man who genuinely appreciated all that SAL is. After his tenure with SAC, he could have stepped aside. but instead he stepped up to be Central Division Representative bringing with him all his under-the-radar talents and work ethic.  Paul is one of SAL’s best cheerleaders, and if you know him, he’s your friend.


Roberta Lichter - Each chairperson puts a personal stamp on the operation of SAL.  Roberta’s several stamps will be her accessibility, her ability to make tough decisions, her passion for aquatics, and her dedication to everything that SAL is.  If you are her friend, you also know her compassionate and caring side.  Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Roberta.  SAL is lucky to have you. 

Jennifer Steinberg - The North Division is fortunate to have Jen as its rep.  Jen co-ordinates Division Champs and the Holiday Classic, one of SAL’s fine invitationals.  Helpful and pleasant, she’ll always go the extra mile for the League and she’s been on the job for several years. Jen enters our Hall of Fame as an example of the best of our League.


Lisa Forlini – Some SAL athletes grow up and become SAL parents, integral members of their kids’ clubs. Some of them become coaches of swimmers and divers. Some of them step up and help SAL run. Lisa, a coach’s wife, has done it all. Lisa Forlini, for all your hard work as diving registrar, your long history with SAL, your coaching efforts, your example as part of an SAL family – Thanks. Welcome to the SAL Hall of Fame.


Sandy Hartmann – It is at the end of the season when the championship director shows up to coordinate the end of the SAL season. Anyone who has attended an SAL seeding meeting has an idea of how much Sandy does. Sandy makes sure it all comes together for us, and she’s put her own stamp on making sure that our thousands of athletes get their chance be the best they can be.  Sandy’s USA training is a tremendous asset for our League, and we’re fortunate to have her.

Jeff Fox – Flying under the radar is Jeff Fox. Someone has to operate the computer system for championships and that’s what Jeff does for SAL. His skills make championships run smoothly, but there are few of us who would know him if we saw him. No matter. Those of us who do know Jeff not only admire his efforts, but we also enjoy his great sense of humor. SAL appreciates a good guy who stepped up to a big job.

Anyone who wishes to nominate someone to the Hall of Fame should contact a League representative or League officer. Any person who has contributed to the advancement of the League by deed or example is eligible for consideration. The SAL is particularly interested in nominees from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. It is fitting to recognize those who formed the League as well as those who keep it going.

See the Hall of Fame, a short history of the Suburban Aquatic League, and everything you need to know about our fine organization on the League website (