Team Manager II/Meet Manager Software Help and Protocols

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The SAL uses the companion computer database programs Team Manager II and Meet Manager (Hy-Tek, Ltd) to manage the huge quantity of results from meets (6 competitors per event X 42 events per meet X 20 meets per weekend X 8 weekends of regular meets = 40,320 results ---- not counting championships and invitational meets!).   Team Manager II is used by teams to keep track of swimmers' performance and other team information over the season, and is used by coaches to prepare line-ups for each meet.  Meet Manager is used to run the meets: it incorporates times from touch-pad systems (or stopwatches) with the line-ups prepared using Team Manager II into a database that tracks individual performance during the meet and keeps track of the team scores.  Results from the meet are then transfered from Meet Manager into each team's Team Manager II database, as well as into a centralized league Team Manager database used to prepare for the league championship meets (the Top 40 lists elsewhere on the this web site are based on this centralized database).

For general help with TM or MM, use the Help available as part of the programs, check your TM/MM Manual or click the banner below to visit the Hy-Tek web site
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Contact the Hy-Tek Support staff by email or phone if you don't find the answers to your questions in the help files, manual or on their web site.   In our experience, the Hy-Tek support staff have been very helpful.

For teams having difficulties with TM/MM who would like advice from colleagues in the SAL, contact information for several expert SAL MM/TM users is provided in the following table.  If you feel comfortable providing advice to fellow SAL TM/MM users and are willing to do so, please let us know so we can add you to the list:

Andrew Jesaitis

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Protocols and Procedures specific to using Team Manager II and Meet Manager for use in the Suburban Aquatic League are described in the following four documents.   Please note that these documents are NOT meant to provide general information about using the software.  They are meant to explain the specific protocols & procedures used in the SAL, and provide supporting files which will allow your TMII and MM data files to be customized for SAL meets.  It is strongly recommended that SAL users of TMII print out and follow the instructions in BOTH TMII documents.  Likewise, SAL users of MM should print out and follow the instructions in BOTH MM documents.

Protocols and Procedures for Using Team Manager II in the SAL

Team Manager II Set-up Sheet

Protocols and Procedures for Using Meet Manager in the SAL

Meet Manager Set-up Sheet

Virtual Meet Procedures

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