SAL March Meeting




Call to Order:


                                    Abington 1                   CBEast 2                     LoMer 1         

Centennial 2                 HatHorsh 2                  CBSWAC 2                Methacton 1    

CounRock 2                 Sprngfld  1                   NorthPenn 2                 Norristown  1  

LoMoreland 2             UpDub 1                     PerkVal 2                     PlyWhmsh 2    

Pennsbury                    Wissahickon 1              Souderton 2                 Radnor 1        

Neshaminy  1                                                   Pennridge 2                  UpMer 2        



East                              Central                         North                           West


1. Chairman’s Remarks: Thanks to the league from departing Chairman Pete Crippen, involved with the league for 19 years.


2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom McManus absent. John McGinley reporting balance $6,000. $1,000 to SAL Charities. One small bill outstanding. Needs results (splash count) North Penn, CBSW, Springfield and Abington and Diving from Peg Cohen.


Raise dues ~30%. #2.50 per splash/event and $10 per relay. Tom thinks these amounts are sufficient. Revisit under new business.


3. Secretary Report: None


4. Webmaster’s Report: None


5. Registrars: Mike Dunn – girls Mark McElwee – boys. Nothing significant. Entries were better. Watch roster entries that athlete has the same name. Is it possible to build the data base with the ID number that USSwimming uses? Will eliminate double names. Or, export from TM rather than email the registrar individually – but you would need to filter off new swimmer. According to Mack, it’s better to roster everyone – even those who haven’t signed up – than be a late swimmer.


6. League Presidents: Boys – Tom McManus not here.

                                    Girls – John McGinley no report

                                    Diving – Jim Davidson – thanks to hosts for leagues and divisions.


7. Division Reps: no reports


8. Championships Report: John McGinley – no problems with LaSalle. Watch the number of events at scratch meeting. Send help with the coaches. Situation with an alternate when a swimmer did not show, but was not scratched so alternate did not swim and we had an empty lane. Keep alternates with Starter Ref is a lane opens up then the swimmer could get in. Problem will be addressed with coaches and scratch meeting. Make sure alternates know to go to the ready area. Ask the coaches to help out. Coaches rep - Issue was raised to get rid of “B” relays at LaSalle Champs. Most teams wanted to know why the issue was important. John pointed out that the teams may be better off sending “B” relays to divisions but if one team has two really fast relays send them both. There is maximum of two relays per team already.


9. Awards: Karen Palumbo Everything okay. We were short on medals but diving recouped some old ones and we were okay. North Division needed 13th and 14th place ribbons. Never enough participant ribbons but more than enough heat ribbons. Lower Moreland and Lower Merion got switched.


10. Hall of Fame: Mark McElwee – SAL Social was fun. Thank you from Mark for the generosity from the league for his daughter, please see SAL website for letter from Mark. Pete’s idea about SAL Charities was remarkable. Set up criteria for election to Hall of Fame. Pete would volunteer his services for Hall of Fame and Charities.


11. Officials and Clinics: Roger Ward – no report. Urge all teams to have participants at Starter Ref and Stroke and Turn Clinics.


12. Coaches Rep – Geoff Scheuer – Last Chance Meet is too big – idea suggested that there be cut off times. Upper Merion Rep stated both sessions ran 4 hours each. The meet is a chance for athletes to compete where they choose vs. where the coach places them. Invitational meets are very competitive. All swimmers generally have good times. Meet used fly over starts in the afternoon.


“A” Champs is US Swimming accepted meet. “B” champs can be accepted – see John McGinley for form to US Swimming.


13. Scheduling – Jamie Forlini – No report – just getting invitational info to Jamie ASAP. Get letter to league in the September meeting with information ready to go. Council Rock thinking about an invitational swim meet weekend between Christmas and New Years.


14. Old Business:


Next Year’s schedule – stay with 4 divisions. Thank you to Jamie Forlini for coordinating schedules. Thank you to Upper Dublin for hosting league meetings. Fifth and sixth place teams had dual vs. tri meets.



15. New Business:


North Penn proposal to lift the 15 exhibition heats rule at championships. John said if the coaches communicate before the meet, the amount of exhibition heats can be more. Another concern is the time allotment on the pool (must be out in certain amount of time). There are more opportunities in invitational meets.  Can we raise the minimum amounts of exhibition heats at championship meets? Proposal was denied 21 to 5. 


North Penn second issue: safety of participants. Proposal for certified lifeguard at every meet. Many pools are not requiring this. There is an added expense to the team to pay for this position. Question: SAL mandate to require lifeguards at the meet. Remove the clause (that is not competing in the meet). Passed unanimously.


Dues Proposal:


Raise the dues for the 2008-2009 year to $2.50 per splash and $10.00 per relay. Passed unanimously.


Diving Proposals: Diving Instructions will be posted on the Website. Instructions need to made to the Swim and Diving Coach as well as computer reps.


Proposal for new rules for all Teams:


There will be fines levied for teams who do not attend the 5 required meetings a year: Fall, Winter, Spring, Coaches, and Seed Meetings. $100 per meeting per team fine for non-attendance. If your team has swimming and diving, a separate diving rep must attend both the Coaches and Seed Meetings except if your team has no entries (Seed Meeting). Proposal voted down.


Proposal for the Coaches and Seed Meetings only. Each team is required to have a separate representative, swimming and diving, at each meeting. The fine for non-attendance will be $100 per team per meeting. Attendance at the Diving Coaches Meeting is not required if your team does not have diving. Wissahickon has no diving. Favor – 12 Opposed – 22. Proposal voted down.


Elections of Officers:


Divisions Reps: by volunteer


West  Divisions: Methacton – Anne Despaldo


North Divsions: CBSW  - Jennifer Steinberg


East Divisions: Council Rock – Linda Kothe


Central Division: Springfield – Paul Mancini


By election:


Boys President: Tom McManus - Norristown


Girls President: John McGinley - Upper Merion


Diving President: Jim Davidson – Upper Dublin


Chairman: Roberta Lichter – CBSW


Awards Volunteer:


Senior Award – Kathy Garro


Awards – Karen Palumbo