SAL Minutes 1/4/05



Attendance: All clubs present.

Clubs with only one rep present: Centennial, Council Rock, Hatboro Horsham, Lower Moreland, Norristown, Lower Merion, Radnor and Springfield.


1. President Pete Crippen comments that coaches must come prepared to meets with both the line up and roster on disk. This has been a problem this year and reps should be sure that coaches are on top of this. Also, please be sure that everyone is on time.


            New email addresses for Pete: and



2. Treasurer’s report (Tom McManus): Current balance is $40,308.10. Invoice for ribbons for champs has been paid but still waiting for ~$19,000 of bills. The league should end the year at approximately $21,000. No dues this season.


3. Webmaster (Andrew Jesaitis) not present but had previously requested a wireless laptop to use for league business and that was approved. Reminder to teams that meet results to the webmaster should be in HTML format, results to the registrars are in Meet Manager format.


4. Boys President (Tom McManus) – reiterated that coaches should come prepared to meets.


5. Girls President (John McGinley) – no report.


6. Diving President (Jim Davison) –

a.         there are still 5 teams that have NOT submitted their diving insurance forms – Abington, Springfield, Norristown, Upper Dublin and Lower Moreland. Please turn them in ASAP. Also, top 40 diving will be posted on the website.


b.         Last Chance Diving will be held on Sunday, Jan. 30th, at Upper Dublin, information will be posted on the web. Early morning start and will run all day. Coaches will judge and parents will be asked to work the table and announce.


c.                                           Diving Division are tentatively scheduled for Norristown. They have hosted the last couple of years so if another team would like to host, please contact Jim. There are about 100 divers and it is a good money maker for the host club.


6. Division Reps: Championship locations as follows. Meet info will be posted on the web.

                        Girls                                                     Boys

            South – Abington 2/12                          South – PW 2/13

            East – Central Bucks 2/13                                East – Council Rock 2/12

            North – Norristown 2/12                                  North – Norristown 2/13


7. Championships – League meet (John McGinley)

a. information distributed at the meeting. NEW RULE – if team league entries aren’t in on time, the team will be FINED $200 BY THE LEAGUE!! This was put into place to ensure that all teams were submitting entries timely.

b. Diving is an event – be sure you league entries include divers

c. the coaches MUST print out the psych sheets and bring them to the seed meeting – NONE will be provided.

d. the seed meeting is at Upper Dublin on 1/31/05 at 7:00 PM. In the event of bad weather and school is closed – the meeting will be across the street at the Upper Dublin township building. Reps need to bring back up of all meets with them to the meeting.

e. Teams need to bring THREE reps to the seed meeting – one for girls, one for boys and one for diving. Coaches should be prepared. It is a face paced meeting and once an event is closed – it will NOT be re-opened. Coaches should contact Stu Kukla with any questions. Reps should contact John McGinley.

f. If you have any athlete who would like to sing or play the National Anthem at Leagues, please contact John McGinley.

g. Coaches should list all of their 15+ over swimmers on the league entries. This is the only age group where the top 18 for leagues will be taken beyond the top 40 list.

h. please have the coach and rep check eligibility for all swimmers. Do NOT submit a league entry for an athlete that has not competed in the necessary number of meets.

i. Championship insurance – John is still working on a provider. If you know of anyone who offers coverage, to swimming and diving, please contact John.

j. We are still looking for a less expensive option for medical coverage for leagues. We need a level 1 EMT with insurance to work the event – they will get paid by the hour.

k. each team is reminded to BRING YOUR OWN WATCHES for leagues. None will be provided.

l. check the website for “job assignments” for leagues. John will work on providing a seating chart.


8. Dual Meet results are due to the registrars by MONDAY after the meet. This is especially important after the last dual meet. (they would prefer that info by Sunday night). Once the last dual meets are into the registrars, they can tell us who our tri-meet opponents will be.


9. Discussion concerning the last place teams in the divisions. The East has 7 teams, the other 2 only 6 teams. How will the tri-meet work? Bensalem believes they are last place - both boys and girls. They are scheduled to host the boys tri-meet and the only available pool time is Friday night. When opponents are known, the scheduling of that meet will need to be worked out. Generally, the registrars will take the 3 sixth placed teams and the one 7th place team and make them two dual meets instead of one tri-meet with Bensalem swimming/diving alone.


10. Division championships – please be sure to enter only those athletes who will compete. Teams are charged dues based on ENTRIES. You will pay for entries even if they don’t swim! The host of the division champs need to submit the meet summaries to the registrar immediately after the meet.


11. Senior Award (Karen Palumbo) entries are due by January 8th! Need essay from athlete and letter of rec from SAL coach. Can be emailed to


12. Hall of Fame (Mark McElwee) – submit nominations to Mack.


13. Coaches Rep (Stu Kukla) – have your contact Stu with any questions. Reminder – relay submissions MUST be actual times swum – not made up times.


14. If your team is interested in a spring water polo team – see Pete Crippen.


15. In order for the 8&Under relays to start off the wall (or off a block) the water depth MUST be 4 ft., measured one meter from the wall.


16. Motioned and approved the purchase of Team Manager 4.0 for all teams – paid for by the league.


Respectfully submitted,



Kathleen Garro

League Secretary