SAL Spring Meeting




Call to Order:


Bensalem          0          Abington          1          CBEast            1          LoMer             1

Centennial        2          HatHorsh         2          CBSWAC       1          Methacton        2

CounRock        1          Sprngfld           1          NorthPenn        2          Norristown       2

LoMoreland     2          UpDub             1          PerkVal            2          PlyWhmsh        2

Pennsbury        1          Wissahickon     2          Souderton        1          Radnor             1

Neshaminy       0                                              Pennridge         2          UpMer             2


1. Chairperson Pete Crippen welcomed attendees.


2. Treasurer Tom McManus reported $9,856.00 in accounts. Balances are dropping due to increased awards and championships costs. League will investigate advertising at Championship meets and/or increasing dues. The league teams raised $4,550.00 for Terri Peterson of Council Rock, the league donated $500.00. Thanks to everyone who participated.


3. The website is up to date on the league division breakdown and contact information.


4. Registrars report ongoing issues with one athlete with multiple names. Plase be sure to clean up your roster before submission. In addition, it is recommended that every team have a backup of the league roster to eliminate problems on pool deck. League roster can be obtained via the website in TM/MM file format.


5. Diving registrar, Peg Cohen, reported an easier time this year.


6. Championships at LaSalle. FIRE ALARM issue. Because of the issues at leagues, LaSalle may increase our fee for pool usage. We need to assign one more volunteer per team to be a deck/hall marshall. We need to control our crowd at all costs. First session was delayed a bit and there is a possibility of starting an half hour earlier in the morning. Each year boys and girls flip flop morning and afternoon sessions.


7. Awards: League record breakers should be reported to Karen Palumbo so that appropriate awards are given. We were 50 medals short and those teams will be credited. A list of ALL participating seniors should be sent to Karen at the beginning of the season so they are acknowledged at League Championships. $500 scholarship is offered to a boy and girl in EACH DIVISION.


8. Coaches Report:       Stu would like to be replaced next year. Please ask your coach if they are willing to step up. Issues reported this season:

a.       elimination of the HS swimmers from all dual meets to avoid conflicts with HS meets and unfair advantages over competing teams;

b.      have championship dual or tri meets at a neutral site on a Sunday to avoid “home field” atmosphere.

c.       Have league officials (impartial) referee the dual/tri meet championships;

d.      Lower Moreland’s proposal tabled to the fall meeting.


9. Scheduling: Jamie Forlini addresses a few issues:

a.       Bensalem hasn’t fielded a team in two years, will they be dropped?

b.      Neshaminy has girls team only – no boys;

c.       Pennridge wants to join the league, which division do they go in?


The league schedule is dependent upon the alignment of the divisions and the participating teams.


10. Invitational List for 07-08

            UpMer Last Chance Swimming

            UpDub Last Chance Diving

            Centennial Odd Age

            Pennsbury Splash

            Norristown Harvest Meet

            PlyWhitemarsh Halloween

            Central Buck Holiday Classic


11. All meets sanctioned by the SAL should abide by league protocol and table procedures. As a note, the Chairperson emphasized that the Starter Ref runs the meet, and has ultimate authority based on US Swimming and Diving rules. All meets should have adequately trained table personnel.


12. All 8&Under relays MUST start in the water (opposite end) unless there is 4 feet of water one meter off the wall. This is the rule – we must abide by it.


13. Upper Dublin requested a gift in the amount of $500.00 in honor of Mike Kennedy. Approved.


14. Abington proposed diving operational procedures to be followed. Will be posted on the web.


15. Officials – Roger Ward’s representative stated that the no recall false start rules be implement, as well as the dive over starts as an option. League voted to leave it at one false start but approved the dive over provision.


16. SAL Social on 4/21/07, at 7:30 PM, at Toner’s in Ambler. All are welcome!!


17. SAL officers will be elected in fall of 2008. Coaches’ rep would like to be replaced fall 2007.


Meeting Adjourned