SAL Minutes 3/29/05


1.               All teams present except Methacton (did not field a club in 04-05) and Radnor.


2.               Status of Methacton for next season unknown.


3.               Central Bucks will break into 2 teams next season CB North and CB South.


4.               Neshaminy CORE requested to be added to the league.


5.               President Pete Crippen remarks:


a.      If you want to field a diving team, please do so at the beginning of the season. All diving teams must be registered and insured!

b.     Policy on postponement & rescheduling of meets: try not schedule meets mid-week.

c.      The point of the tri-meet has always been a Championship meet. It was intended to be the fastest meet before A Champs.

d.     Scheduling discussion: Proposal being floated to eliminate the crossover meet and start the season a week earlier. Leagues will be at LaSalle the 2nd weekend of Feb. 2006, Diving will be held the first weekend of Feb 2006. If the crossover is eliminated, we could have 3 meets in Nov. 3 in Dec. 2 in Jan. 21st would be a bye, the 28th of Jan. would be Last Chance. Pete will double-check the availability of LaSalle on alternate dates.


6.               Divers MUST be on the swimming roster. Watch your roster adds – make sure there is sufficient meets to add the athlete.

7.               Pete suggested that there be a mandatory meeting of all TM & MM reps and coaches so everyone is sure how to handle computer issues at meets.

8.               Registrars require a disk, hard copy and email of rosters, designated with the team name. Please be sure boys and girls are on separate disks.

a.      When emailing meet results, please be sure to include the final score of the meet. Registrars will post rosters on the website, including divers.

b.     Please have each team designate ONE person to be the computer/roster contact; it will make Mac and Mike’s jobs easier!


9.               Treasurer: Tom McManus. Current balance is $24,236.51. Outstanding expenditures include 2 computers for the registrars ($5,000), TM 4.0 for all teams except CB, UpDub, UpMer, and LoMoreland, and MM 2.0 for everyone. Balance at season end should be ~$15,000.

10.            Team Track will be discontinued as of 3/31/05 or $10 per month if you want to continue. Contact Len Rose.

11.            Diving President: Jim Davidson. Any new team added MUST let everyone know – get in contact with Jim. The Last Chance diving meet was again hosted by Upper Dublin.

a.      We need a new diving registrar – Marj Hawley has been doing the job for YEARS without a diver;

b.     The fall meeting will include a discussion on rules;

c.      Need someone to step up and run champs and programs.




12.            SAL website will include a section for classifieds – contact Andrew J.

13.            North Division Rep needs to be replaced, Andrew Jesaitis is stepping down.

14.            Championship Report: John McGinley

a.      The fines for late submissions helped. Setting the due date and sticking to it worked.

b.     A few athletes were over entered in events and the 4th event was kicked out. Coaches – BE CAREFUL! Any questions, call John.

c.      Seed meeting is “vicious”! Make sure your coaches are prepared. Contact Stu with questions BEFORE you go. Be kind to your coaches – don’t them go it alone – especially the first year.

d.     The seed meeting rules will be in writing and posted on the website.


15.            Diving divisions will be hosted by Upper Dublin in 2006 (they have 2 boards).

16.            Senior Award – Karen Palumbo. TALK it up. Many seniors said they didn’t know about it. Make sure you get the word out to your kids.

17.            Insurance discussion. Is it better for the league to insure everyone or shall we continue to insure ourselves individually. Pete (and others) will investigate group coverage.

12.            Hall of Fame. Mac is still looking for nominees, especially HS and college all Americans, HS state champions, Olympians, etc…

13.            Coaches Report: Stu

a.      Current rule says coaches may not swim. Discussion as to why. Decision was that the rule stands.

b.     Tri Meet location. Some coaches had issues with the facilities, timing equipment, etc… It is on a rotating basis. Basically, deal with it.

c.      Release of swimmers from previous teams. It MUST be done – signed off by the coach and sent to the registrar.


14.            Neshaminy CORE joining the league without diving.

15.              CB split into two teams was tentatively approved by the school board. Awaiting final decision in June.

16.            Look for email from Pete/Jamie about realignment of teams and scheduling.


Respectfully submitted.


Kathy Garro